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No Surveys. No tasks. Just money for your data.

See momma, I wasn't just wasting time online.

For 20 years, big tech lured you to share your data.

Cute filters, dopamine hits, and free products have gotten you to share much of your life.

Big tech locked this data so only they could make money off it.

Google, Facebook, and big tech earn hundreds of billions of dollars by selling your data and selling access to you.

Thanks to new laws, this data is now yours.

GDPR & CCPA require companies to allow you to export your data.

You're now the god of your data.

Finally, you can manage, move, and monetize your data the way these companies have.

Godmode makes it dead simple for you to sell your data for serious money.

Create a new revenue stream the way big tech has by directly selling your own data.

Three easy steps to turn your data into major moolah

  1. Download Data

  2. Import Data

  3. Get Paid


GDPR and CCPA are pretty new regulations, so the ability to export your data is pretty new. On top of that, each company has a different data export format making it difficult for companies to make sense of it. We simplify that process for companies by normalizing your data, verifying who you are, and enabling you to get paid for it.

If you decide you want to sell just your data and not your identity, buyers will be able to sort by characteristics such as: "Male vs Female", "Location", but they will not see personally identifiable information (PII) such as your email address or phone number. They will only get info such as 18-24 year old male living in California. However, they may still be able to infer who you are.

Yup! Chrome plugins, VPNs, ISPs, and shady apps are all selling your data. Even companies like Facebook and Google also sell your data by allowing companies to target you. We're just enabling you to earn money as part of that process.

Companies buy data for a variety of reasons. Hedge funds and private equity buy alternate data to understand the universe. Companies building AI apps buy data to model the universe. Marketers buy data to understand trends. If you decide to sell both your data and identity, companies are interested in directly targeting you rather than paying for lower quality ads.

This depends on a variety of factors, primarily how interested people are in your data. For example, if you've imported data that is particularly interesting to data buyers (e.g. you're someone who has a lot of ad clicks or years of Chrome data), your data is more likely to be purchased. Each time your data is purcahsed by a company, you'll earn $5.

Once you earn a minimum of $10, you can cash out. You can choose whether to cash out via Bank Transfer, PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, Visa prepaid card, or Amazon Gift card.

Be your own middleman/woman.

Everyone else has been earning money off your data. It's time you earned a cut of your own data.

  • Serve as your own lead - Companies will pay you to advertise to you.
  • Sell your data, not your identity - powerful privacy settings for selling your data.
  • Fast payouts - Get paid via Venmo, Bank Account, CashApp and more.

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